Gabrielle was born in the fall of 2018 and lives in central Florida.

Here's what her owner emailed us:

“This has been the most wonderful dog that I've ever had. She is intelligent, obedient, she does not bark unless provoked, and she is so beautiful. I get so many compliments it's embarrassing at times. Thank you so much for such a great companion.”

Gabrielle looks a lot like her dad Faust.

(Snowflake in Polish)

Here’s our beautiful Śnieżynka—from our fall 2019 litter. Great testimony from a professional dog trainer to our dogs' temperament and intelligence!


Darling Angel was born on September 11, 2019, and lives in Auburn, Alabama, with her best friend, a black German Shepherd.

Her owner texted several times to compliment this Swiss Shepherd. Here are a few excerpts:

"Please tell your two girls that they, along with you and your wife, have performed an exceptional job 'raising' your puppies."

"Just wanted to praise all of you again for having held puppies as much as you did...she loves being held and is so very relaxed being held that she feels more like a large furry cat rather than a puppy."

"My son with the black German Shepherd keeps telling me that Angel is the sweetest puppy, which is huge credit to all members of your family including her mother/father."


Gustav lives in South Florida and enjoys the company of his older "brother" Loki.

Owners compliments his perfect health and texted the following: "Most amazing puppy, also our local Veterinarian loves him so much she’ll be looking at your next litter for a puppy."

We look forward to hopefully providing Gustav's vet with another superb puppy.